Challenge Yourself to be a Better Leader Through NBAA’s Certified Aviation Manager Program – Opportunity for the Present and Future

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    CAMBy Nick Verdea, CAM

    The Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) certification program administered by the NBAA and certified independently by National Commission for Certifying Agencies is fast becoming the standard bearer for business aviation leaders and professionals. More and more companies during their leadership and manager searches are looking to see if their candidate obtained a CAM designation. It acknowledges to the employer that a candidate with a CAM designation has certain knowledge and experience in 5 crucial areas for an aviation professional to possess: Leadership, Human Resources, Operations, Technical and Facilities Services, and Business Management. As one looks at other business units of a company there are essential skills necessary to lead and manage those business lines and those managers’ will typically participate in internal company programs, higher education, and certification programs in their field; so shouldn’t the same be true for a professionally managed business aviation unit? –You Bet!

    With over 300 certified CAM’s around the world a new bar is being raised for business aviation leaders to bring more to the table that will integrate the operation and management of business aviation into the strategic goals of the company. Recently I had a conversation with Sheryl Barden, President & CEO of Aviation Personnel International, about the CAM certification program and she relayed to me that she thinks it is a “really great step for the business aviation industry.” Sheryl went on to say that “by receiving your CAM certification it shows that you are dedicated to your profession and that you are a self-starter.” I walked away from the conversation renewed in my belief that a designated CAM is a person in our industry that is curious about his/her profession and wants to see the bigger picture. There is something to say for an individual that strives for continuous improvement and wants to continue to grow.

    The CAM certification program is a great goal for anyone serving in the business aviation function. To learn more about becoming a Certified Aviation Manager click on the web address below for more information, or call me directly at 918.230.1449.

    NBAA CAM info:

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