Business Aviation Safety & Operational Consults

Business Aviation Solutions knows business aircraft operations, and we specialize in Best Practices, Aviation Safety and Risk Mitigation.  We can help you determine the safety and operational status of your flight operations by applying the appropriate standards and validating Best Practices operations.


Business Aviation Regulatory and Compliance Reviews

We see several kinds of clients seeking help with regulatory and compliance issues.  Some are looking to ensure that current or future policies address all operational R&C concerns.  Others are seeking help after an incident to determine their R&C status.

Business Aviation Solutions has the ability to independently and objectively address each scenario.

Examples of recent R&C projects have included:

  • Part 91 dry leases with multiple operators seeking advice on how to best structure leases, pilot contracts, LOAs to assure compliance with new FAA and IRS regulations
  • Comprehensive aircraft maintenance records review to assure airworthiness and compliance with FAA regulations
  • Complete flight operations review to determine if operations have been conducted in accordance with domestic and international requirements
  • Records review of pilot licensure, training and currency to validate operations
  • OSHA and Environmental Health & Safety pre-inspection of hangar, shop and office facilities


Business Aviation Best Practices Reviews

Best Practices.  What are they?  How do you deliver on them?  How do we validate them to our companies?  And how do we develop a culture that seeks to continually improve on them?

Best practices are where you need to be.  It’s beyond doing things right for your company, it’s doing the right thing.  It’s a management of risk that helps prevent failures.


Business Aviation Fleet Planning Analyses

Sure, your favorite broker wants to do a fleet plan for you.  They may even have a cloaked side business that is “independent” that provides such services.

Business Aviation Solutions is completely independent of aircraft transactions, so we have the objectivity to provide our clients with unbiased planning information based solely on their needs.

We look at unique travel requirements, budget demands and the dynamic marketplace to develop optimized solutions that are tailored to your company’s air transportation needs.


Completions & Refurbishment or Maintenance Project Management

Specializing in Gulfstream large cabin aircraft, Business Aviation Solutions has helped deliver over $250M in aircraft, completions and refurbishments.  Let our experience help you oversee your next completion, refurbishment or maintenance project.  Interior? Paint? Big inspection?  High-end audio visual upgrades?  New Internet or other complex system install?  Engine mid-life or overhaul? We do that, and we do it well.

We help ensure quality.  We help ensure timeliness.  We specialize in keeping you on budget and saving you money.  Business Aviation Solutions adds value.

In fact, on completions & refurbishment projects Business Aviation Solutions guarantees a savings equal to or greater than our fee.  If we can’t save you money we’ll waive our project fee.  That’s how confident we are in the value of our C&R project management.


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