Dustin Walker

Vice President of Sales


Dustin was born into aviation. His birthplace is Dayton OH, the birthplace of aviation. His grandfather was a Cessna and Mooney dealer. Dustin’s first airplane ride was in a Cessna 421 at two weeks old.

His aviation career started in 2013 when he joined his family business as a researcher for Jet Quest. Dustin helped Jet Quest conquer ten percent of the Cessna Citation sales market, within two years. Due to the rapid growth in the Citation sales market, jetAVIVA took notice. Jet Quest merged with jetAVIVA and he joined their team in 2017. He worked his way up to a Sales Director for the Citation Jet market. Dustin joined Business Aviation Solutions in 2020. He wanted the challenge with a new company seeking to add management and charter opportunities. He is excited to help clients with this boutique style of service.

Dustin is multifaceted, he went to school for criminal justice and attended the Sinclair Police Academy. He’s a certified Peace Officer in the state of Ohio. He learned early he’s not fitted to work in a government atmosphere. Dustin and his uncle also created their very own company. Georgetown Paintball, they wanted to create something fun and active for everyone. He managed the business and had eleven high school kids working for him. Dustin enjoyed giving those kids a job that helped them grow and have fun.

Dustin and his wife, Brittani, reside in Austin TX. When not working, he enjoys riding his motorcycle through the Texas hill country. He enjoys fine dining and cigars. Dustin also has a passion to travel the world and learn new things.

Email Dustin at dwalker@bizavsolutions.com