Keeping Your International Operations Publications Library Complete and Current: Here’s a Great Resource for You…

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    Happy Aloha Friday from a chilly ISP.  It’s a brisk 18 degrees here this morning.  Apparently my nearly ten years in California has made me soft…  Anyway, as I warm up and write this  I found a neat little resource  today that may be of interest to you IS-BAO librarians out there.

    I visit lots of flight departments and find many operators struggling to maintain an international publications library.  Do you have all the pubs required?  Are they current, and how do you keep them current?  No, you don’t need a Dewey Decimal system to put an international flight library together, and you don’t need to be that matronly woman you remember at the local library, finger to mouth, sshh’ing you.  Here, for all you bizav professionals, is a library  resource that is complete, current  and that you might consider for access to all of your IS-BAO required reference documents:

    Click here for the library.

    I am not affiliated with this site, and I haven’t done a deep dive into its content, but it appears to have direct access to the source documents that would make it near-ISBAO compliant.  Check it out, Zeke.  This is but another way to implement ISBAO simply and inexpensively.  Many of you have wrastled (or wrestled) with this issue like Hulk Hogan body slamming Andre the Giant.  Yeah, that hurts.  This link is an easy WWF championship solution for you.  It’s not painful leg drop to the torso, and you’re welcome!!!

    BTW, Mahalo, for all of your comments on the updated website!  Keep those cards and letters coming, as I am always open to your terrific suggestions.

    Stay warm, my friends, and enjoy your Aloha Friday.

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