Maturing Your ISBAO: How’s Your FRAT?

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    Make it Simple & Effective, Then Use It  

    How’s your FRAT? No, I’m not talking about Alpha Eta Rho, Sigma Chi or even my old brothers at Delta Chi. I am talking about your Flight Risk Assessment Tool.  Yes, that FRAT.

    As an ISBAO operator you should be using the FRAT before each flight, or set of flights. Yet I still see some operators who don’t use the tool effectively or even at all. Why? “It’s cumbersome”, some say. “It’s time consuming. We never had any problems before the FRAT, so why do we have to use it now?”

    Well, Zeke, a FRAT is part of your Safety Management System, and its proper construction and use is required for ISBAO certification. There are many vendors out there that offer FRAT tools. Some solutions are stand alone, while others are integrated into flight planning software. Some are free, while others can be part of an expensive, soup-to-nuts SMS solution.

    What you really need to remember, though, is that your FRAT should be as individual as your operation. It is whatever works for you. Don’t let a consultant or vendor tell you that you need to buy an expensive, cookie-cutter, or “off the shelf” SMS solution. That’s simply not necessary – unless it truly works for you. You can simply and easily develop your own tool with little or no cost.

    So, if you don’t like your FRAT – if it’s not being used, if it’s not really effective, or if it’s just too costly – then look in the mirror.  You chose your FRAT, or someone in your organization before you did.

    With that reality check in mind, remember that your FRAT – like your SMS – is a living document, so if it’s not working, change it! Throw the whole dang thing out if you must, but keep refining a tool that your group can utilize to adequately assess flight risk.

    Why all the fret about the FRAT? Because as an integral part of the SMS this risk assessment tool is important, and yes, Zeke, it’s here to stay.

    Here’s where Business Aviation Solutions can help. Give us a call. We’ve got the experience and we’d welcome the opportunity to help you evolve and mature your FRAT, SMS and your ISBAO. Separate from our ISBAO audits, we can perform pre-audit gap consults that add value and provide insight.  You’re not in this alone.  We promise to keep it simple, cost effective and tailored specifically to your operation.

    Call Business Aviation Solutions for ISBAO support @ 805.558.8524 

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