IS-BAO FAQ’s: So You’re Considering International Standard-Business Aircraft Operations Certification? Considerations for Implementing IS-BAO.

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    IS-BAO_logo_2As leaders in IS-BAO auditing and implementation Business Aviation Solutions often has clients who come to us asking questions about becoming certified to the International Standard-Business Aircraft Operations.  Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions with our replies.

    Why do I need to be ISBAO certified?   

    If you fly internationally ICAO’s Annex 6 Part II requires a Safety Management System, a core component of the IS-BAO, to be legal.  But even if you’re a US domestic operator the IS-BAO can be important!  It raises the bar of professionalism for your flight department.  IS-BAO certification makes you accountable to an internationally accepted protocol of best practices, it necessarily increases safety margins and it proves to your company that your department operates to high standards  –  not just because you think or say so, but because your department has been professionally and objectively validated to an important ISO-based standard.

    Additional benefits include:

    • Enhance operational safety through predictive and proactive methods
    • Improve safety culture with implementation via teams
    • Improve efficiency and effectiveness through an integrated SMS
    • Enhance ability to measure safety performance
    • Increase executive level appreciation of aircraft operations
    • Reduced rates / enhanced support from insurance providers
    • Increased trust between Company/Owners and the flight department
    • Recognized by EASA CEN as an Industry Code of Practice in 2009
    • Operators can meet EASA Part NCC requirements with IS-BAO

    Why should we spend the money for IS-BAO certification?  With all the manuals, vendors, consultants and auditors it’s too expensive.

    IS-BAO certification can be achieved with minimal cost – with great benefit to operations.  In fact, most of Business Aviation Solutions’ clients who are considering IS-BAO certification are operating to 90% of the standard before they even begin the process.  It’s a matter of simply documenting what you’re already doing, comparing that to the IS-BAO protocols and finding the “gaps” between the two.  Most of the work can be performed in-house without the need for expensive consultants and vendors, and the process of working through IS-BAO is most often described as an effective team building activity.  IS-BAO also offers an opportunity to network with industry colleagues who can mentor you through the process.  There are many free tools available to operators, too, such as fully compliant Company Operations Manual templates that are found on the IBAC website.

    How can we start the IS-BAO process?

    That’s easy!  Just give Business Aviation Solutions a call at 404.909.9935.  Working together we can help your company set real IS-BAO expectations and provide you with a customized “Flight Plan” that will guide you in the process.  Contact BAS today!

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